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We are hiring

We are looking for ambitious and smart software engineers to complement our development team. We offer you to become part of a motivated senior team in a truley innovative project with a very high potential. We provide flexible working conditions, adequate salary and interesting share options.

Coding Station

C Developers

We are looking for software engineers with a degree in computing science, math or physics and several years of experience in system programming using the C language. You have naturally experienced a lot of the great features, but also pitfalls of this language. Experience with development under Linux as well as system driver development are required, advanced multi-threading and algorithmic knowledge are needed. 

As an advanced python developer you know all of the features of python as well as its ecosystem for system programming. Experience with Programming under Linux and with Webservices is a must. Ideally you have been working in the development of python APIs on the interface with user space drivers and you can read C code. A degree in computing science or similar is preferred.

Powerful Computer

Python Developers

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