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VDI Storage
(Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

High IOPS storage for VDI infrastructure on public cloud, on-prem or in hybrid cloud environment.

Why simplyblock for VDI storage?

VDI is an effective means of lowering total IT infrastructure costs of an organization and decreasing costs of user support. However, in order to avoid becoming an obstacle for the productivity of users, VDI requires reliable shared storage with a minimum amount of provisioned IOPS per VDI user. As an alternative for SAN, simplyblock provides the right solution for all types of customers and scales. With simplyblock VDI IOPS are not a concern anymore.


Easily scalable within and across the rack. Linear performance (IOPS) growth with capacity increase. logo


Expansion, resize and hardware replacement at any time without maintenance windows or operational impact logo


System costs up to 5x lower per TB and up to 50x lower per IOPS logo

Ultra Fast

Access latency below 200 microsecond logo

Accelerate your performance while saving costs

Benefit from the first highly secure and scalable storage solution designed from scratch for hybrid clouds


10x cheaper per TB of storage and per k-IOPS than conventional SAN storage

Super-easy to switch

Switching between Amazon EBS Elastic Block Storage or S3 and simplyblock or back can be achieved in minutes


Linear scalability through distributed cluster architecture: scales beyond 100,000,000 IOPS

Designed for

Bandwidth-efficient (near) real-time replication from/to the AWS cloud independent of non-cloud storage infrastructure


Add, remove or replace SSDs and storage nodes at any time - the cluster will always re-balance storage usage and load across all available resources 

Resilient against ransomware attacks

First block storage with zero RPO point-in-time recovery after ransomware attacks


There is no better time to think about your business transformation than today. Take action now to partner with simplyblock and achieve your digital transformation goals.

VDI storage with high IOPS
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