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simplyblock enables a next-gen of data-intensive workloads

Solving Container Storage Scalability Once And For All

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Simplyblock set off to build the next generation of Kubernetes Container Storage and solving the scalability issues for IO-heavy workloads, such as databases, data warehouses, document stores, blockchain storages, and similar data-intensive services.

Origin Story

The idea for Simplyblock goes back to co-founder and CTO Michael Schmidt, who was frustrated with the complexity, inflexibility, performance, and pricing of existing storage solutions in the server market. Being a nuisance in the traditional data center market, it is a real concern in the wide world of cloud providers.


So he set off to develop a new storage cluster solution, based on the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK), initially designed and open sourced by Intel®️, to simplify the daunting task of communicating to NVMe® devices. He got started, and added storage distribution, erasure coding, and remote access.

After working on simplyblock alone for a while, Robert joined him, and they decided to build a company around the new technology.

Together they started out looking for the first additional hires, bringing in additional experience for NVMe®️, distributed storage solutions, and many other areas. And in 2022, simplyblock was founded as a company, which many of the early contributors joined full-time. Broad together under the shared goal of solving container storage once and for all.

Focusing at Work

Meet The Team


Robert Pankow

Co-Founder & CEO


Michael Schmidt

Co-Founder & CTO


Christoph Engelbert

Marketing Manager

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Manohar Reddy

Test Engineer

Avatar 108_edited.png

Hamdy Kader

Python Engineer

Avatar 108_edited.png

Ruslan Laishev

C/C++ Engineer


Yevgueny V. Kondratyev

C/C++ Engineer

Avatar 108_edited.png

Dmitrii Iakovlev

C/C++ Engineer


Jai Satyapalan

C/C++ Engineer


Alexander Sheredin

Python Engineer

You share our vision? Come work with us: 

Our Partners and Investors

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