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Get your virtual SAN for Kubernetes, all batteries included.

Our cost calculator helps you estimate your average cost per month. The cost for your simplyblock storage cluster consists of two factors, the infrastructure cost for AWS (simplyblock is installed into your AWS account), and the cost for simplyblock itself (managed or unmanaged).

AWS configuration

AWS Region

Machine Type

Payment Option

Simplyblock configuration

Managed operation

Your configuration

Number of storage nodes

Number of management nodes



Your estimate

EC2 storage nodes*

AWS incurring cost:

EC2 management nodes*

$ 41667

$ 213

Simplyblock incurring cost:

Provisioned diskspace

Management surcharge

$ 10000

$ 5000

Monthly cost

$ 56880

Cost per TiB

$ 114

Available IOPS


* this is the estimated cost for the required infrastructure with AWS EC2


Business address

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