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More scalable and cost-efficient alternative to Ceph with very high IOPS. Up to 9x more effective storage and 100x more IOPS/GB compare to Ceph. Hybrid cloud storage for OpenStack, OpenNebula or VMware. Powerful Kubernetes storage.

Why simplyblock as an alternative to Ceph?

What is Ceph?

Ceph is an open-source distributed storage system that provides unified block, file, and object storage interfaces. It is widely used in private cloud environments, especially in combination with OpenStack.


What are downsides of Ceph?

Ceph was built and designed for spindling disks and this legacy architecture is hard to overcome. Despite its many advantages, Ceph suffers from inefficient use of CPU and disk resources and low IOPS/GB performance. Ceph's maximum IOPS per CPU core is 4,000-8,000 IOPS while simplyblock delivers up to 250,000 IOPS per CPU core (up to 50x more).


Simplyblock as alternative to Ceph

Simplyblock offers the best features of Ceph (great flexibility and reliability, superior integration with OpenStack, outstanding cluster architecture) upgraded by superior IOPS performance, storage efficiency and access latency. Optimized for NVMe, based on NVMe®️/TCP protocol. Hybrid cloud storage capability.

Due to a highly efficient implementation of distributed erasure coding and very CPU-efficient compression, simplyblock reaches raw-to-effective storage ratio of 1:1.5, which is 4-5x better than for Ceph and other HCI based on replication.

Average access latency for simplyblock is below 0.1ms, which is about 30x better than for Ceph.


Up to 5x more effective storage per GB than Ceph on the same raw storage

Highly Performant

Up to 50x more IOPS / CPU Core or GB. NVMe optimized storage.

Deep Integration

Full native integration for OpenStack cinder, nova and swift as well as Proxmox, OpenNebula and VMware.

Complete Solution

 File and object storage available in combination with the Redhat GFS2 filesystem and OpenStack Swift for S3

Ultra low access latency and great scalability

Similarly to Ceph, simplyblock solution is based on commodity server hardware and NVMe®/TCP but rather than proprietary SAN technology, it provides very low access latency, high IOPS/GB and CPU core, great scalability and flexibility. Simplyblock can be used as hybrid cloud storage solution and deployed on any public or private cloud, on the edge and on bare-metal.

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Digital Nomad



Amazon EBS alternative

save up to 80% of costs

Ideal complement or replacement for native Amazon EBS block storage. Gain on IOPS and save on total cost.

Shared Block Storage

highly scalable and flexible

Benefit from improved scalability and flexibility as well as significant cost advantages of our block storage

Accelerate your performance while saving costs

Benefit from the first highly secure and scalable storage solution designed from scratch for hybrid clouds


10x cheaper per TB of storage and per k-IOPS than conventional SAN storage

Super-easy to switch

Switching between Amazon EBS Elastic Block Storage or S3 and simplyblock or back can be achieved in minutes


Linear scalability through distributed cluster architecture: scales beyond 100,000,000 IOPS

Designed for

Bandwidth-efficient (near) real-time replication from/to the AWS cloud independent of non-cloud storage infrastructure


Add, remove or replace SSDs and storage nodes at any time - the cluster will always re-balance storage usage and load across all available resources 

Resilient against ransomware attacks

First block storage with zero RPO point-in-time recovery after ransomware attacks


There is no better time to think about your business transformation than today. Take action now to partner with simplyblock and achieve your digital transformation goals.

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