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Erasure Code Calculator

Erasure coding is a mechanism to protect pieces of information against data loss. To achieve that, information, such as files, is broken up into a number of data chunks (k) and algorithmically combined into parity chunks (m). The total amount of chunks (n) is then spread around multiple storage devices and / or cluster nodes. This calculator helps to determine the raw and usable capacity of a storage solution using erasure codes.

Number of servers

Number of drives per server

Capacity per drive


Erasure Coding Data Chunks (k)

Erasure Coding Parity Chunks (m)

Erasure Coding Total Chunks (n)

Usable capacity

154 TiB

Raw storage capacity

Available raw storage capacity

192 TiB


Erasure coding overhead

Erasure coding usage


38 TiB

Comparison to replication

Usable capacity with 2 replicas

Usable capacity with 3 replicas

96 TiB (-33%)

64 TiB (-66%)

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