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simplyblock and Kubernetes

Simplyblock provides high-IOPS and low-latency Kubernetes persistent volumes for your demanding database and other stateful workloads.

Simplyblock for AWS - whitepaper

Updated: Jun 10

Simplyblock has recognized the limitations of conventional cloud storage services, specifically AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS), and has introduced a groundbreaking alternative. This whitepaper presents a comprehensive overview of simplyblock's solution, highlighting its ability to address the drawbacks of EBS while delivering enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness. By harnessing local NVMe storage attached to virtualized or bare-metal EC2 instances, simplyblock offers a high-performance block storage option that outperforms traditional storage solutions. Simplyblock offers a compelling alternative to Amazon EBS.

The core architecture of simplyblock revolves around cluster-based infrastructure, ensuring remarkable reliability, durability, and availability. With automated health-checking mechanisms and seamless scalability, simplyblock enables smooth operations without compromising performance or data integrity. This unique approach empowers users to optimize resource utilization and achieve significant cost savings, making it an ideal choice for organizations with demanding workloads and stringent performance requirements.

By leveraging simplyblock's solution, businesses can break free from the limitations of AWS EBS and experience unparalleled performance and efficiency. The flexible deployment options, including virtualized or bare-metal EC2 instances, coupled with seamless integration with AWS infrastructure, provide a hassle-free experience for administrators and developers. With simplyblock's innovative approach to high-performance block storage, organizations can unlock new possibilities and overcome the limitations of traditional cloud storage services.

Feature & price comparison: simplyblock vs EBS

Download "Simplyblock high-performance storage for AWS" white paper here:

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