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Ultra-scalable Cloud Block Storage for Kubernetes

Focus on your product,
Simplyblock takes care of your data.

When building your cloud-native but data-intensive application, you need a storage that takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders.


Your typical data-intensive stateful workload, like databases, data warehouses, blockchain and other crypto technologies, document stores, and similar applications, is IO-intensive (high Input/Output Operations aka IOPS) and latency-sensitive. With Amazon EBS, operating these workloads in Amazon EKS is expensive and complicated.


Simplyblock removes the pain of IOPS or disk space limitations using shared Amazon EBS volumes for all your k8s (Kubernetes) containers, distributes the data across all available volumes, and rewards you with linear performance gain for every volume added.

Simplyblock architecture

Your Next Generation
Distributed Block Storage

Simplyblock is everything you want from a block storage.


Packed with the industry's most wanted features, such as a

live-resizable copy-on-write (CoW) volume, thin-provisioning,

instant snapshots, volume-cloningreplication (sync / async), write-through near caching, encryption, tiering, and more.

Imagine ZFS, but distributed and on steroids.

Above Industry Standard
Security and Resiliency

Simplyblock is engineered to provide the highest achievable data security and resiliency, going beyond industry standards in terms of efficiency.


Volumes are distributed across all nodes in the cluster, using erasure coding instead of mirroring for improved efficiency by up to 3x without sacrificing the resistance to disk failures .

Naturally, all data can be encrypted at rest and in-flight.

Highly Available by principle,
not as a sidenote

Simplyblock is built on the principle of High Availability. By nature, our distributed storage architecture protects against data loss and provides autonomous fault tolerance in critical situations.


NVMe®/TCP Multi Pathing uses multiple connections between the storage cluster and the client, enabling the client to automatically failover in case of issues, mitigation without manual intervention.

The intelligent and elegant storage solution

Simplyblock's VASH™ technology enables the first truly intelligent storage cluster, while being elegant and performant.


Share the backend storage cluster with multiple tenants, without sacrificing isolation. Enable encryption, snapshots, compression, deduplication, and data tiering per volume basis.

Evolve your database, data warehouse, document store, blockchain, or any other IO-intensive workload to the next level.

Engineered to be a new breed of Kubernetes StorageClass

Simplyblock is designed from ground up to provide best-in-class scalability and predictable latency Kubernetes volumes.


Our VASH technology offers a modern, distributed, and highly scalable storage solution, while being tightly integrated with

k8s through our own StorageClass implementation, making it a drop-in replacement for your existing IO-intensive workloads.

Optimized for the fastest
AWS storage options available

Simplyblock's distributed volumes are provided via the

NVMe-oF™ (NVMe® over Fabric) specification, most specifically through NVMe®/TCP (aka NVMe® over TCP), which is the fastest commodity remote volume technology available.


That enables Simplyblock to deliver the full potential of multiple combined Amazon EBS (io1, io2, gp3) volumes to any of your data volume.

Ready to think about your application
and not your storage?

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