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Build Your Own Autonomous
Elastic Block Storage for Amazon EKS

Solving performance issue of your Amazon EKS IO-intensive, latency-sensitive stateful container workloads with our composable block storage solution.

Simplyblock is Your Elastic Block Storage for Amazon EKS.

  • Deploys into your own AWS account

  • Integrated into Kubernetes as StorageClass (CSI)

  • Scales storage to your own needs

Your Next Generation Distributed Block Storage

Elastic Block Storage
for Amazon EKS®

Simplyblock's AWS optimized software-defined distributed storage solution offers unseen elasticity, flexibility and performance for any kind of Amazon EKS storage needs.


Our VASH™ technology balances and optimizes provisioned volumes across the storage cluster without any kind of manual intervention.


Simplyblock provides a custom Kubernetes StorageClass which is a full drop-in replacement for your current storage solutions, wether it is Amazon EBS or any other storage provider.


Using simplyblock is as simple as changing the StorageClass in the deployment descriptor and redeploy the application using kubectl, or any other Kubernetes tool of your choosing.

Designed for
IO-Heavy Workloads

Simplyblock is designed with IO-intensive, latency-sensitive, or IOPS-heavy applications in mind. All with an industry-leading feature set.


Seamlessly scale any backing storage for databases, data warehouses, analytics engines, crypto use cases, blockchains, document stores, and many more.

Built upon and integrated with best-in-class technologies

simplyblock is the perfect storage for
your demanding container workloads

Benefit from simplyblock's VASH technology storage engine, designed from ground up

to enable container workloads with high requirements on IOPS and latency-sensitivity, while optimizing storage cost.


Up to 10x cheaper per GB and IOPS than similar performing Amazon EBS storage.

Built upon NVMe®/TCP.

Intelligent Data Services

Modern copy-on-write block storage with instant snapshots, sync/async replication, multipathing, encryption, near caching, and many more...


Linear scalability through VASH, our distributed cluster architecture, scaling beyond 100,000,000 IOPS

Kubernetes Native

Native Kubernetes integration through a custom StorageClass and CSI (Container Storage Interface).

A drop-in replacement.


Add, remove, or replace AWS volumes at any time, with fully autonomous re-balancing of the storage and load across all available resources

IO-Heavy, Latency-Sensitive

Highly optimized to provide the backing storage for databases, data warehouses, document storages, and other IO-heavy, or latency-sensitive workloads.

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Ready to think about your application
and not your storage?

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