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Optimize AWS & Hybrid Cloud Storage

Run AWS and hybrid cloud applications much faster and at lower cost with simplyblock hyper-scalable, secure and easy to use data storage solutions that are fully integrated with your IT environments.


with you

Reduce costs of managed open source databases on AWS by up to 75%

Save up to 80% of your costs for high performance storage on AWS

Set easy point-in-time recovery with zero RPO after ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity-related incidents

Boost your databases with millions of IOPS by ultra-high performance storage on AWS

Replicate relational databases to/from AWS at highest performance and reduce data traffic by up to 90%

Connect your data center with AWS using our hybrid cloud solution for databases

Optimized for your simplicity

Fully integrated with


Managed PostgreSQL databases

in AWS and hybrid clouds

Save costs and gain performance on your mission-critical workloads 


Cloud-native disaster recovery

Securely replicate your data into the cloud in real-time

Get a glance into our product dashboards

Storage System: Core Platform
Storage System: Core Platform
Storage System: Core Platform
Managed database: db admin view
Managed database: db admin view
Managed database: db admin view
Managed database: super user view

Our high-performance data storage software powers cloud and hybrid cloud applications 


Accelerate your performance while saving costs

Benefit from the first highly secure storage solution designed from scratch for hybrid clouds


10x cheaper per TB of storage and per k-IOPS than conventional SAN storage


Linear scalability through distributed cluster architecture: scales beyond 100,000,000 IOPS


Add, remove or replace SSDs and storage nodes at any time - the cluster will always re-balance storage usage and load across all available resources 

Super-easy to switch

Switching between AWS Elastic Block Storage or S3 and simplyblock or back can be achieved in minutes

Designed for Hybrid-Cloud

Bandwidth-efficient (near) real-time replication from/to the AWS cloud independent of non-cloud storage infrastructure

Resilient against ransomware attacks

First block storage with zero RPO point-in-time recovery after ransomware attacks help

you to optimize your cloud spending

Industry experts and analysts identify cost optimization as one of the top 5 cloud priorities for enterprises in 2023

Calculate your savings

Start saving on your data storage now

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