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Powering data storage alternatives for enterprises

The high-performance,



SAN storage alternative

We make the recent massive performance gains and cost reductions of NVME SSDs available to data center networked storage solutions

We transform a bunch of servers with NVME SSDs into high-end shared block storage systems.


10x savings of cost of ownership.

High-performance networked storage, which is 10 times cheaper per effective TB and up to 100 times cheaper per Kilo-IOPS than average SAN storage.

Perfect Simplicity.

It is a matter of minutes to install, configure and scale a complete system with our software. We design for zero-maintainance and self-healing with a minimum set of user options. We do without complex feature configuration.

Tailored for NVME.

Our software is built for NVME and NVME only. This allows us to take advantage of the many great performance enhancements and other features that come with this standard and the compliant hardware. 

Built for Hyper-Scale.

Distributed controller architecture with linear scalability from single units into multi-rack storage clusters.

99.999% availability.

Multi-Controller Access to Storage Devices, n+2 error redundancy coding, Synchronous and asynchronous replication.

Extreme Baseline Performance.

For minimum latency and maximum performance, our distributed control plane is built upon native user-space drivers, completely bypassing the operating system kernel.  Moreover, we avoid write-amplification, in-memory data copies and lock-based synchronisation to use the full power of the NVME standard.

Clear Focus on Virtualization and Cloud.

We focus on building and integrating features important for virtualization and cloud platforms. For us, feature quality has precedence over broad platform support.

Our Numbers speak for itself


Achievable IOPS in a single storage system


lower TCO per GB of SAN storage at comparable parameters


cheaper per IOPS than high-performance cloud storage


IOPS per TB - With constant scalability into PB range


Improved IOPS Scalability over high-end SANs

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