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Kubernetes Persistent Volumes

Kubernetes storage solution tailored for AWS EKS users hosting I/O-sensitive workloads, such as databases.


Simplyblock combines the baseline performance of best-in-class SAN systems or local NVMe disk with the flexibility and scalability of software-defined storage solutions, making it an ideal choice for Amazon EKS and EC2 deployments.

Why simplyblock as Kubernetes StorageClass?

Kubernetes-Optimized Storage

  • Persistent Storage for Kubernetes: Simplyblock provides robust and scalable persistent storage for Kubernetes, ensuring your stateful applications have reliable and high-performance storage.

  • Kubernetes Volumes and Storage Classes: Our solution supports dynamic provisioning of Kubernetes volumes and storage classes, simplifying storage management within your Kubernetes clusters.

Seamless AWS Integration

  • Amazon EKS Compatibility: Simplyblock is fully compatible with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), enabling easy deployment and management of storage within your AWS infrastructure.

  • EC2 Integration: Leverage the power of Amazon EC2 instances and local NVMe disk to run Simplyblock's high-performance storage solution, ensuring your Kubernetes workloads have the storage performance they need.

Intelligent Storage Features

  • CSI Driver for Kubernetes: Our solution includes a Kubernetes CSI (Container Storage Interface) driver, allowing for seamless integration and management of storage resources within your Kubernetes environment.

  • Multi-Tenancy Support: A single Simplyblock storage cluster can serve multiple Kubernetes clusters, making it ideal for multi-tenant setups.

  • Distributed File System: Write concurrently on multiple containers and nodes with distributed file system of your choice, ensuring high availability and data consistency.

​Flexible Deployment Models

  • Single Container: Deploy Simplyblock easily as a single container, making it simple to integrate with your existing Kubernetes setup.

  • HCI and Disaggregated Deployment: Simplyblock supports both Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) and Disaggregated Deployment models, providing flexibility to meet your specific architecture needs.​


Start from single node, grow to 255 nodes in a single storage cluster. Scales safely and impactless while online. Performance scales linearly.


Capacity and load distribution is re-balanced over time and during changes to the cluster (device failures, repair, replacements, expansion).

Top Perfromance

Up to 10x lower system cost per TB and up to 50x lower system cost per IOPS while delivering baseline performance as best-in-class SAN systems in top configurations

Deep Integration

Simplyblock offers full, native integration for Kubernetes via CSI. Deploy complete cluster and attach storage to hosts as docker swarm or Kubernetes pod within minutes.

Performance of local NVMe disk at scale

Simplyblock uses NVMe over TCP for minimal access latency, high IOPS/GB, and efficient CPU core utilization, surpassing local NVMe disks and Amazon EBS in cost/performance ratio at scale. Ideal for high-performance Kubernetes environments, simplyblock combines the benefits of local-like latency with the scalability and flexibility necessary for dynamic AWS EKS deployments, ensuring optimal performance for I/O-sensitive workloads like databases.

ebs vs ssd vs simplyblock.png


Cloud Block Storage

Optimize cost by sharing your storage resources between multiple customers, just as you'd share your Kubernetes nodes.

Hosted Databases

the most flexible solution

Run your databases in Kubernetes or EKS with more flexibility and higher performance

Accelerate your Kubernetes performance while saving costs

Benefit from the first highly secure and scalable K8s storage solution designed from scratch for hybrid clouds


10x cheaper per TB of storage and per k-IOPS than conventional SAN storage for Kubernetes

Super-easy to switch

Switching between Amazon EBS Elastic Block Storage or S3 and simplyblock or back can be achieved in minutes


Linear scalability through distributed cluster architecture: scales beyond 100,000,000 IOPS

Designed for

Built on AWS provides truly cloud block storage with cloud-native integrations into Kubernetes, EC2 and EKS.


Add, remove or replace SSDs and storage nodes at any time - the cluster will always re-balance storage usage and load across all available resources 

Resilient against ransomware attacks

First block storage with zero RPO point-in-time recovery after ransomware attacks


There is no better time to think about your business transformation than today. Take action now to partner with simplyblock and achieve your Kubernetes performance goals.

Simplyblock - Kubernetes Storage
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