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Unified data storage solution for Hosting and Managed Service Providers of Kubernetes environments

Why simplyblock for Kubernetes hosting?

MSPs and CSPs offering Kubernetes hosting services require a performant, reliable and well-integrated block storage solution and benefit from simplyblock's flexible, shared, high-performance block storage as an alternative to SAN systems and other software-defined alternatives.


Simplyblock combines the baseline performance of best-in-class SAN systems with the flexibility and scalability of software-defined solution such as Ceph. A single block storage cluster may serve multiple or many private Kubernetes clusters in a multi-tenancy setup.


Easy to scale a single storage cluster within a rack and across racks. Output performance (IOPS) increases linearly when adding nodes to the cluster. A single storage cluster is enough to serve tens of thousands of containers and many Kubernetes clusters. The system provides full customer self-service capabilities via WS-APIs in a multi-tenancy setup.


System expansion and hardware change can be performed at any time without the need for
maintenance windows or impacting operations. It is possible to combine hardware vendors, server and drive models as needed to optimize costs and configuration.

Top Perfromance

Up tox lower system cost per TB and up to 50x lower system cost per IOPS while delivering baseline performance as best-in-class SAN systems in top configurations

Deep Integration

Simplyblock offers full, native integration for Kubernetes via CSI.

Ultra low access latency and great scalability

Similarly to ceph, simplyblock solution is based on commodity server hardware and TCP/IP but rather than proprietary SAN technology, it provides very low access latency, high IOPS/GB and CPU core, great scalability and flexibility.

ceph vs netapp vs SB.png


Hosted Block Storage

high performance, low cost

Enhance your offering with best performing block storage on the market 

Hosted Databases

the most flexible solution

Run your hosted databases with more flexibility and higher performance

Accelerate your performance while saving costs

Benefit from the first highly secure and scalable storage solution designed from scratch for hybrid clouds


10x cheaper per TB of storage and per k-IOPS than conventional SAN storage

Super-easy to switch

Switching between Amazon EBS Elastic Block Storage or S3 and simplyblock or back can be achieved in minutes


Linear scalability through distributed cluster architecture: scales beyond 100,000,000 IOPS

Designed for Hybrid-Cloud

Bandwidth-efficient (near) real-time replication from/to the AWS cloud independent of non-cloud storage infrastructure


Add, remove or replace SSDs and storage nodes at any time - the cluster will always re-balance storage usage and load across all available resources 

Resilient against ransomware attacks

First block storage with zero RPO point-in-time recovery after ransomware attacks


There is no better time to think about your business transformation than today. Take action now to partner with simplyblock and achieve your digital transformation goals.

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