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C/C++ Engineer (DPDK/SPDK)



Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

The C/C++ engineer with experience in DPDK/SPDK will focus on implementing elements of the storage layer and engine for simplyblock’s clustered storage solution.


What are the tasks?
  • Development and enhancement of software libraries and drivers in SPDK (or at least with DPDK)

  • Code review

  • Performance testing and performance optimization of complex code

  • Work in a small team of 4 experienced C/C++ developers (internal task assignment, communication, development and unit testing coordination)

What's required?
  • Extensive experience in C/C++ programming and development

  • Minimum 7 years of experience in C/C++ development under Linux

  • Minimum of 5 years Linux Kernel and SPDK or DPDK experience

  • Strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures

  • Degree in maths, physics, engineering or computing science is preferable

What do we offer?
  • Zero BS policy. No unnecessary meetings, no weekly 1-1s, no rigid performance management frameworks. Trust in your dedication to the project, team, and colleagues to deliver outstanding work.

  • Experts & Executives. No managers of managers. We're building the team of experts and executives; complex structures have no place here. Minimize layers to create a cohesive, collaborative team.

  • Your time, your space. No fixed working times. Embrace autonomy without rigid schedules. Manage your work with the freedom that suits your productivity best.

  • Open communication. No barriers, just open channels. Transparent and direct exchanges ensure everyone is aligned and moving forward together.

  • Actions speak louder. No participation rewards. We celebrate ambition, passion and outstanding results.

  • Innovation, Innovation, Innovation: Innovation isn't a department; it's a collective responsibility at simplyblock.

  • Benefits for remote teams

About the Company is a next-gen high-performance storage software for modern databases and performance-intensive workloads. We help enterprises and cloud & database operators to maximize the efficiency of their data storage operations while reducing cost & complexity.

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